Money and freedom sounded good and that is what we want.

As a Realtor, we can sometimes get stuck in a rut with our business, and lose sight of where we are headed. No one tells us there are many parts to being a successful Realtor. Being a business owner has many scary days, and days filled with excitement when we get our first commission check. 

Understanding where you are in your real estate career is key to future growth and opportunity. You must ask yourself, am I currently working on my business or am I working in my business because those are two different activities and produce different results. 

Let me explain. When you are working “in” your business that means you are doing the duties of a Realtor. This means taking clients out to see homes, writing contracts, getting listing contracts from sellers, making sure all your documents are signed and reviewed, and we must ensure our licenses are all current and we are working to ensure our clients are protected. 

The second part of that equation is working “on” your business. When you are working “on” your business that is all the activities you are doing to gain new clients. This includes personal friends, referrals, new clients, and all types of marketing. Based on these two options, where do you spend most of your time? Be warned that if you are not continually doing both, your money will suffer.

I want to help you maintain consistent actions that will help you stay on track with the fulfillment, fun, and financial freedom of a thriving real estate business. 

Did you know that you are closer than you think to success? 

My methods are proven and can work for you

I use several methods that will ensure you have success. As you apply knowledge and use it effectively. Your current methods may not be working and your business might be failing due to many factors. It could be complacency, lack of skill, accountability, or lack just lack of marketing. Feeling like a failure creates self-doubt. I want to change that right here and right now. The methods that we use to gain more influence and help you build a better knowledge of leveraging your business are critical and we have to get to work. 

Don’t wait, reach out to me now about your goals. I want to help you and your business win together. We help create a winning strategy and culture at your company. I will see you soon.

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