Being in the HVAC or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industry has its rewards and upsets. While it is important to create continuity for both business owners and the trades can be a tricky affair. The boss wants it done ASAP because the client whose A/C has gone out in Vegas in the summer is calling every 10 minutes wondering when the tech will be out. So many things can go wrong. Scheduling, upset, parts not available, the tech got a flat tire, the tech has the wrong address, the list goes on. We have all be on the side of needing a tech and having any clear updates about when they will get there and how soon we can get our air back on. 

The old ways are no longer working, making a shift is key

We all know technology has increased productivity in so many ways and will continue to help many businesses even in the HVAC industry. By using technology, we can make sure response times are almost immediate with SMS texting and GPS tracking to make sure addresses are correct and the techs are showing up on time to the correct address.

A modern way to keep track of customers, paperwork, and orders can now all be done by a mobile device or Ipad. Techs can even have access to manufacturing sites to help avoid delays on parts. They can look right on the site to ensure the part is in stock.

On the back end of a service request, customers can now evaluate the service provided by both the company and the technician. This helps ensure customers are happy and the company is providing the service customers demand.

Creating a database of customers for increased marketing efforts

One of the most valuable tools underutilized in an HVAC company is the database. Most companies are still using filing cabinets or the client records are all over the place other than in their CRM which is their Customer Relationship Management system. Think about this, what if you could have all your customers, and their records in one place so you can track, send payment links, send out newsletters, and send specials all with a push of a button. You own your book of business, and you have spent years and many dollars to get those customers, why not take care of them with a CRM and the latest technology? Check out more information on training with Kevin.

Your online client reputation management system matters

Making sure you have the most accurate reputation online can be the lifeblood of any organization. We have all seen, maybe even posted Google, Amazon, and Yelp reviews. When we have been treated poorly, taken advantage of, or just been lied to we want others to know about it. Posting reviews is how this helps other buyers to be aware of poor business practices. Make sure you know what others are saying about your company both internally and externally by using technology to your advantage. Check out more posts here.

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