Why creating a plan is important

 Have you ever started out heading in one direction but ended up lost and upset? That is also usually the time you need to use the restroom and are getting thirsty. I don’t think most people enjoy getting lost. We can easily become stressed, disoriented, and fearful quickly and that usually doesn’t end up well. Yelling, blaming, and fights begin to break out and we don’t want that. We want to have solid GPS both in life and while traveling. We want to stay on course and arrive safe and sound at our intended destination. The more we can remain calm and stay less emotional our brains will help us find our way back on track.    That said, we need a plan and the right people to help us stay on track.

Learning to devise a plan and get help with managing that plan

How often do you travel, take road trips, or plan vacations? I know all those things sound fun right but we must have a plan. We don’t just intend on traveling across the country without at least checking the gas tank and packing snacks and having a general direction of where we are going, right? Back in the day, we had travel agents who helped us when we wanted to book a cruise, fly to other countries, and create a vacation extravaganza. 

The importance of getting the right help and being able to course correct

How would you feel if your travel agent messed up your plans? Instead of direct flights, they booked you 2 layovers at each stop which then took up most of your vacation time just getting you there versus getting to the destination and being able to have fun. Having a clear understanding of where you want to go and how to get there is key, and being able to communicate that effectively to the people helping you is crucial, otherwise you end up lost and frustrated. We don’t want that. 

Planning the work and working the plan while being able to pivot are paramount

Even though you may have created the perfect plan with the best help, things can go wrong such as health issues, financial loss, market shifts or even personal reasons. Just because we have a plan doesn’t mean unforeseen forces can make us question things or those helping us. No one is responsible for your success and outcome but you. You always have choices no matter what happens. You must be able to keep your head about you and reassess your plan if that is what is needed. Never be afraid to change course if things are not working getting you the momentum you desire. 

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