You may hate sales, but sell more than 10 houses and let me know

We all know sales is where the money is, but we hate the rejection of it when we are told “NO”. Our ego hates the letdown, the disappointment, and rejection of it all. It feels like a personal assault and attack on who we are as a human, but it isn’t. When someone says “NO,” it’s just that.

Sales have gotten a bad rap. It’s not just for the outgoing

For those who think sales are bad, let me help you see a different side of sales. Now, hear me before you exclaim “all salespeople and sales are bad.” No matter that you are in sales now, have been before, or never have let me shed a fresh perspective on the new sales game. In the past, salesmen have gotten the rap of being pushy, aggressive, and even argumentative and that is probably in large part a valid point. It becomes more about solutions than sales. I think sales are continuing to evolve and how the sale is happening is changing. Consumers have access to all sorts of information and details, so it is more challenging to lie or exaggerate to consumers. Sales have become more about being able to offer solutions to customers. The last part is if you can also make the sales journey fun and enjoyable. It becomes a win-win for both the salesperson and the client. 

You have to be outgoing and aggressive to make big sales and be successful. 

First of all, that is not true. Each person has a unique way they like to be sold a solution. You probably want to ask yourself, based on my past experiences, what sales scenario did I enjoy the most. Some people do prefer an animated, aggressive, no B.S type salesperson. There are analytical types and relational buyers. Think of the things an analytical shopper needs, or the relational buyer would need out the sales process. Many people become fixed on their own negative past experiences of salespeople and say, “I don’t want to be like them.” What if you changed your perspective to “I want to be the person who helps solves their problems the way I solve them based on the customer needs. For example, if you are an introverted analytical person, people who are similar to you will also be drawn to you. You feel like someone they know and you are like them, smart, methodical, and introverted.  

Being your best self in any sales situation works best for you and your consumers.

When humans interact, we are going to have an experience. We all want those experiences to be enjoyable. When we have problems, we want 2 things. We want to be heard and provided a solution. You want to be the person who helps them solve their real estate needs. You want them to have a satisfying and delightful experience. Consider this, if you create positive experiences, people they will refer you to others who need your solutions and wonderful experience.  

So, go out there and don’t just be a salesperson, be a solutions maker and an experience creator. 

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