Creating a Plan

Our first course of action will be to create a roadmap. We must determine where you are and where your desired outcome is. We will create and set a plan in motion to help you achieve your next big move.

Working the plan

Once we get a plan laid out you will begin to implement that plan. This is where the work begins to take shape and outcomes are achieved. Consistent action is what is needed during this time.

Refining with feedback

While you are working the plan there will be a feedback time. This is where we begin to hone in and refine processes to achieve even greater success and scale your business. 

Kevin Faulkner is trusted by more than 1500 business people.

In a world where you have choices, then evidence is clear. Kevin Faulkner is working with business owners that want to have dramatic change in their business by creating visible results. He is heavily focused on beginning new conversations surrounding relationships. If you are treating your people as a number you will fail. It is time to connect with these people and make new friends. Your life will change the moment you start to run your business with Kevin Faulkner’s business methods.

Your business deserves more focus

Every entrepreneur begins starry-eyed with enthusiasm and excited about their next venture. Somewhere down the road things get bumpy, things starts getting off track, this is where I come in. Kevin and his team help you get clear, get structure and refine what is not working. 

Change is the key, that’s why you’re here

They say “change” is the only constant, but we hate change. We may have some success and things are going sort of smooth but we know deep down something needs to change, but we are too afraid to find out “what” needs changing. This is where we thrive. 

Get on track and moving in the right direction

We know you are going down a path, but is that the path that is leading you in the direction you want? You may not realize you are heading for a cliff without a watchful eye helping you avoid the fall that could be coming. Let us help you get on and stay on course. 

Kevin Faulkner is helping you train your team so that you can hit better financial benchmarks for your business this year.

We have worked with many people to help them gain a better understanding of how to use social media, better techniques face to face and processes to help you gain more influence.

Be a Champion

You want to win in your life and business. Just because there are past failures doesn’t mean you can not be a champion. Oftentimes we let past mistakes get in our heads and hinder our progress. That is what I am here for, to help you stay the course and get out of your head. 

Win more Often

We think winning has to be big. It has to be the biggest client or check we have ever seen. However it is the small wins that help us achieve greatness. Small daily micro wins are what help us achieve the consistency we need to grow and expand to larger and larger goals. We believe in small wins daily.

Scale your Business

Now that you are growing and winning we want to help you scale. Scaling is never an easy process as it requires a new level of thinking, letting go of control, and the proper help. We will help you navigate that process. We want to be with you through the whole journey of foundation, growth, and scale. 

What business are you in?

We have worked with many business owners, our guarantee is that we will continue to support your goals and help you define systems that make a difference in the world of others. We represent what winning looks like at all times.

Join Us! It will only take a minute.

We look forward to connecting with you and helping you get to a place in business that gives you more confidence to reach out to people who need your services.

Kevin Faulkner

He has helped so many business owners ranging from Realtors and Mortgage agents to Entrepreneurs and traditional business owners. It is time to find out what your business can really accomplish. Launch your business with Kevin.

Kevin Faulkner


I help people become more confident in leading their business to bigger wins and a defined plan of action.

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Atom Miller Executive Coaching

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“I have never seen anyone narrowly focused on building a business in this way. Kevin changed my mind about taking different steps.”

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“Kevin is good and you can trust that he will do the best for you.”


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“When I needed to grow my social media, Kevin helped me dial in my perfect customer.”

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Credit Repair

“Kevin helped me transform my business page, so that clients and friends understand what my page is focused on.”